Harding Group-an Indiana Asphalt Paving Company


Harding Group has grown exponentially since its beginning in 1960 from paving driveways to becoming a full-service asphalt and concrete paving and maintenance provider.

Today the company operates in seven Midwestern states, employing more than 200 experienced craftsmen, engineers and estimators who provide customers with one-stop shopping for their asphalt and concrete surfacing and paving needs, as well as commercial snow removal and salting. Harding Group is a manufacturer of high quality, hot asphaltic concrete materials. Ownership of our asphalt facilities enables us to ensure quality control of all materials and provide the customer with on-time delivery.

The Harding Group Maintenance division was created in 1994 to provide a full range of asphalt and concrete paving and maintenance services that help clients maximize the life of their pavement. Under the direction of Owner and President Michael Harding, the division has grown to a place of national prominence in the asphalt industry. Pavement Magazine consistently ranks Harding Group - Asphalt Division  in the "Top Ten" Asphalt companies in the United States.

In addition to our exterior maintenance services we have expanded our operations to include assistance with all of your facilities logistical needs. We are there to manage outsourced operations, install signage, receive deliveries, conduct inventory, hire staff, indoor pavement markings and much more.

Whether Harding Group is supplying hot asphaltic concrete materials, paving city or state work or maintaining customer's parking lots, its number one focus is providing consistent high quality asphalt and concrete products and customer service, incorporating integrity and superior workmanship.